Guarantees and repairs on Homebrand products
1. Our products carry a one (1) year guarantee, unless otherwise stated on the
packaging of the product.
2. The guarantee covers the cost of the repair, or a replacement where necessary
if the product is faulty and not damaged by customer.
3. The guarantee does not cover faulty products that have been modified, misused,
abused, damaged or used for any purpose other than which our products are
intended for.
4. Faulty products returned within seven (7) days of purchase, accompanied by a
valid proof of purchase and in its original packaging will be replaced free of
charge, or a refund to the customer if they request one.
5. The guarantee of our products does not cover wear and tear.
6. Any return under guarantee, has to be accompanied by a valid proof of purchase
(POP). Without such proof of purchase the cost of repair will be at the
customer’s expense, should the customer wish to repair the product.
7. For products out of guarantee, the customer needs to contact Homebrands to
arrange the repair.
8. If the product is under guarantee, the customer will need to send the product
to our offices, and we will in-tern cover the courier cost back to the customer
once repaired.
9. If the product is out of guarantee, all courier costs will be at the customer’s
10. Returns for repair of out of guarantee products are for the cost of the
11. We will provide a quote prior to the repair for the customer’s approval.
12. This policy applies to all online orders as well.
13. All repairs carry a three (3) months guarantee.
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1. No return will be accepted without the official documentation and a valid POP,
such other documentation to accompany the POP must be one of the following:
 Repair note from store.
 Goods return note from the store.
 Request for credit note from the store.
Credit Claims
1. Credit requests must be accompanied with a valid reason.
2. No credit claims will be accepted for credit from stores for the following
 If goods were damaged in store.
 If goods were received incomplete and were signed for as complete.
 If goods have no paperwork or incorrect paperwork.
 If the goods have no valid POP
 Claims from stores after 48 hours of receipt where a completed proof of
delivery has been issued.
Upliftment of products from stores
1. All products will be uplifted by our Reps that merchadises the Region.
2. Stores to e-mail details of collection / request of return note, to
3. Upliftments will take place once a week, if the upliftment has not taken place in
that time period, please contact us immediately.
4. Please insist that the Reps sign and print there names on the return note as well
as the store clerk.